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Because of the urgency of the novel COVID-19 virus, many kennel clubs have cancelled their dog shows.  While this is an unprecedented step for most of us, it is quite necessary if we are to stop the spread of this deadly virus.

The American Kennel Club is closely monitoring the situation surrounding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. AKC encourages all staff, judges and exhibitors to follow the World Health Organization and Center for Disease Control’s recommendations to maintain proper hand, respiratory and personal hygiene, practice social distancing and be mindful of any and all travel restrictions/guidelines. AKC further advises that show chairs and organizers have copious amounts of hand sanitizer and hand washing stations available to participants and exhibitors.

Just a reminder:
wash hands with soap and water numerous times — 20 seconds minimum is recommended time for each washing.

For information on COVID-19 updates from AKC, please visit:

COVID-19 Updates from the American Kennel Club

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The FDA is investigating potential links between canine heart disease and diet — specifically grain-free dog food diets. AKC has compiled the information you need to know to understand this ongoing investigation.

Why is the FDA Investigating Grain-Free Dog Food?

Dog eating food from a bowl


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To receive the discount guests must reference the new AKC account number CPM64DOG.

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